Last Week, I Lost a Client…

Last week, I lost a client. I received her email that began with “I appreciated your candor. You confirmed what I was very concerned about…” I immediately picked up the phone and called her and said “I’m sorry!”

I wasn’t sorry for my honest concern that she would never overcome the opposition to her purchase of a historic property and converting it to a B&B. I was sorry that a piece of her heart was broken since I had previously read her business plan, seen her renovation floor plans, and knew her of dreams to create an incredible bed and breakfast in a beautiful setting.

While saddened by the reality that she now had to get out of a formal agreement to purchase, she next stated “my gut said it wasn’t going to work out!” I commended her for that feeling and told her to never ignore her deep innermost feelings that provide the checks and balances to our racing hearts. Her final comment was “there will be another opportunity and I’ll be calling you again.”

So, yes I lost a client…but I made a friend and one that values my opinion and trusts my advice plus more importantly, she has more confidence too. So as I learned years ago, we have to put our emotions high up on a shelf and allow our rational business sense to prevail when making real estate purchases that have restrictions. Don’t bet on the “what might happen”. Instead, do your research, hire the right team members and find the property where it “can truly happen”.

3 thoughts on “Last Week, I Lost a Client…

  1. Linda,
    So glad your client listened to you and her gut. As you well know many times clients don’t and the results can be heart breaking and expensive. Hope she attends the AIHP Summit next year. Knowledge is power!

  2. Linda,
    What keeps one intact is to never compromise the core values of being honest. Yes,some may shrug a shoulder and others just might listen. One of my favorite Dr Seuss quotes reads as follow: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”.

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