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We provide consulting services for Owners and Investors, Innkeepers and Managers, and Aspiring Innkeepers involved in all aspects of the independent lodging industry including bed and breakfasts, inns, cottages and cabins, and boutique hotels. Learn more about our various consulting offerings.   

Consulting Services for Owners and Investors

Creating a property doesn’t happen overnight; in fact, the concepts for our lodging property were developed years before we opened. Through a business focus on creating and delivering an experience that would encourage guests to relax, enjoy, and return again and again, high occupancy and revenue levels were achieved in a very brief time compared to industry standards. Let us help you achieve your goals as new owners and investors in your property.

One-on-One Customized Coaching
Planning to build your small lodging property from the ground up or need to tackle a specific concern? Since we did the same thing, schedule a meeting to discuss the realities of “If we build it, will they come?” from experienced former innkeepers. Our point-by-point pre-opening checklist will provide the necessary guidance. From site visits to review your property to ongoing coaching in any of a defined area of focus, your program will parallel your timeline, budget, and objectives. This is very helpful if you are opening a new property or in the midst of purchasing a property.

Consulting Services for Small Property Owners, Innkeepers, and Managers

Are you truly operating your property as a business? Are you realizing the joys of hospitality that you anticipated when you opened your property? Is it time to share the responsibilities with a new staff person? Do you have an exit strategy in place? Let us help you with an individualized consultation plan to understand your concerns and share solutions.

On-site Property Review:  Onsite consultation is advised for independent property owners and managers to assist in specific areas offering our view of your operations with the guest’s view in mind. Your understanding of the demographics of today’s travelers is key to the success of your property from the product you offer to how you deliver it. A visit to your property will be customized to meet your needs and may be necessary if you are just purchasing a property, hiring new managers that need training, or if you need to freshen your brand. Typically, two days onsite is suggested with a subsequent visit suggested three to six months later.

Systems Development and Implementation: Creating procedures and implementing coordinated systems for action with all staff members is essential to avoid burnout. Our past experiences as both the owners and operators of a busy inn and a restaurant allow us to understand your challenges and create organized solutions.

Physical Operations: Do you have a current operating manual? If you were away from your property for an extended time, can someone else run it the way your guests expect? We’re happy to use our past knowledge to create checklists, and operating manuals, share shortcuts, and reduce the time involved while ensuring that guest satisfaction in all areas will result in positive reviews.

Staff Selection and Development: Is it time to hire a manager or another position for your team? Understanding the staffing needs and business objectives of a property allows us to develop job descriptions and compensation plans, post ads, and interview candidates with you to find the perfect fit.

Business Planning 2.0™: How to do more with less in less time and still be successful in the upcoming year. “You cannot improve on the unknown…” Step back and gather essential facts about the prior year to determine where changes can be made in your business. This simple process will provide the data required to make educated decisions.

Consulting Services for Future Innkeepers

Unless you graduated with a degree in hospitality, you invested time and money in your initial career that you are now re-considering. That same focus is critical now. How can you become an educated innkeeper before you serve the first breakfast? Let’s talk about what’s involved in becoming the owner of an independent lodging property.

Five in Five Virtual Workshop  – Five Sessions over Five Weeks $1500
Launched in 2020 as a result of COVID-19, we’ll select five areas of focus to discuss and develop in five one on one virtual presentations. Each week, you’ll complete pages in a digital workbook building your seasonal menu offerings, operational manuals, and checklists as you fine-tune your opening planAll forms listed in the Start-Up Package are included. Any additional hours are billable at your contracted hourly rate.

Note: This workshop does require the completion of a first-level seminar or workshop offered by one of the industry consultants or attendance at an Association of Lodging Professionals Conference. For more information about a first level-seminar, visit these sites: 
     Marilyn Bushnell 
     The B&B Team: Eben Viens, 
     White Stone Brokers: Eliot Dalton

“This workshop and Linda were invaluable to us in opening a new Inn. She was extremely supportive and informative about what we needed to do. I even had to call her as we received a reservation online before we were really ready to open and we had no idea what to do. She calmly told us we could do it and was available for us the whole time. Thank you, Linda.”   The Inn at Burklyn 

Let’s schedule your virtual workshop! Please email me for more information. 

The Future Innkeeper Hands-On Workshop: Experience everything you can to validate your desire to be an owner of a small lodging property during this four-day hands-on workshop held at Foxfield Inn in Charlottesville, Virginia, and at Armory Park Inn in Tucson, Arizona.  From prepping for breakfast, bed making, and housekeeping, to marketing tips and welcoming new guests, see, feel and touch methods used by successful innkeepers and their staff. As your instructor along with the inn owner, we will guide you through many of the daily activities throughout this workshop.  This workshop is limited to just four participants.

Fees include hands-on training, (2) lunches, (2) dinners, a seminar binder, and 2 hours of consulting after the workshop. Lodging is not included and must be booked at the host property. Rooms are being held and reservations may be made after the workshop is confirmed.

Fees: $975 per person. $625 for the second person from the same property or related.
Please email for more information: or click here to register.

2022 Dates and Locations:

Sept 8-11 Armory Park Inn, Tucson, Arizona (Full: waitlist as of 6/1/2022)
Email me about future dates! 

Consulting Offerings: How We Work

One-on-One Customized Coaching
Whatever your need is, we are happy to either define a plan to tackle your challenges or connect you to an industry professional who can. Let’s talk! Plans begin at $350.

Please email me for more information.